Studio Romeo is able to serve any kind of business through its offices located across Italy and offers a complete range of multi-disciplinary business consulting services in the fields of corporate, fiscal, administrative-accounting, and labour law.

Fiscal consulting
The firm offers consulting services aimed at optimizing the fiscal management of companies in Italy and in the world, thanks to its extensive knowledge of the business world, supporting its clients both in their ordinary business transactions and in their strategic and organizational solutions.

Below is a list of some fiscal consulting services offered by Studio Romeo:

- Tax planning for companies

- Tax planning with respect to income tax

- Tax planning with respect to asset-related transactions

- Tax audit

- Taxation of financial statements

- Preparation of mandatory tax return filing

- Assistance in communicating with tax authorities

- Providing updates on tax law changes

- Offering advice on the interpretation of national and international tax law

Fiscal consulting and settlement of fiscal disputes
- Consulting in tax and corporate law

- Drafting of warnings, claims, letters, statements, replies

- Drafting of by-laws, articles of association, regulations and corporate deeds

- Legal representation and assistance during all the stages of dispute

- Complete management of fiscal disputes

Administrative consulting and administrative-accounting services
- Organisation and keeping of individual accounts

- Book-keeping

- Tax compliance and meeting statutory deadlines (e.g. payment and computation of VAT)

- Online payment of taxes

- Monthly, quarterly and annual submission of tax declarations and forms (INTRASTAT, Black List, etc.)

Corporate consulting and assistance in extraordinary transactions
- VAT registration

- Company articles of incorporation

- Drafting of by-laws, regulations and corporate deeds

- Planning and assistance in corporate transactions such as mergers, spin-offs, transfers and liquidations of companies

- Planning and assistance in company status changes

- Valuation of corporate shares, expert estimations

- Assistance in the establishment of innovative start-ups

Labour law consulting
- Payroll and tax processing

- Preparation of CUD form

- Preparation of MOD. 770

- Advice in labour law matters, trade union law, welfare and social security issues

- Management of Inps and Inail taxes

Financial strategy and management control planning
To achieve attainable and realistic goals, a company needs a balanced, clear and effective plan. To this end, Studio Romeo offers all the services necessary to define the right road to success. The firm proposes a detailed analysis of revenues, costs and cash flows.

A close analysis of the actual revenue will help corporate managers understand the reasons for lower earnings and take action with effective corrective measures.

A higher saving capacity, which is fundamental to increase wealth, requires the analysis of the costs of raw material, staff and services by implementing solutions studied to optimize the use of resources.

Lastly, the monitoring of cash flows is important to increase the awareness of businessmen regarding the generated monetary flow. This will make it easier to communicate with banks and discuss appropriate financial solutions.