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What are cookies and how they are used on this website

A cookie”is a short text string that is saved on computers, tablets, mobile phones and any device used to navigate the Web. Cookies are stored to recognise the user every time he/she accesses the website.

This website uses cookies to improve the navigation and to supply services and functionalities to users and visitors. The use of cookies can be limited or disabled through the web browser; however, without cookies some or all the functionalities of the website may not be available.

In particular, our website uses only cookies that are strictly necessary to complete the activities required by the user, for example, to store the information supplied by the user during their visit or to manage their login status; it uses Analytics Cookies that collect the data regarding the use of the website, such as the contents visited and the used functionalities, with the goal to improve the performance and the layout of the website. These cookies can be sent by the supplier of the Analytics tool, but are used only for the purposes connected with the website.

During the visit, users may also receive cookies sent by other websites or web servers (so-called third parities) that may contain several elements (e.g. images, maps, sounds, links to pages on other domains) present on the website the users are visiting.


Types of cookies

Cookiesare divided into the following categories:

-Session cookies: these cookies are removed when the user closes the browser and therefore are used as long as the user is visiting the website;

-Persistent cookies: these cookies remain on the device for a given time. These cookies have expiry dates and their duration may vary based on the cookie used.

-First-partycookies and third-party cookies: based on whether the cookie belongs to the website or to a third party.


Our website uses the following types of cookies:

1. Strictly necessary session cookies

These cookies are used to allow normal navigation and usage of the website, for example by allowing the temporary storage of account data to access the website's restricted area and allow the visitor to use the different functions in the restricted areas.

2. Analytics cookie

These cookies are used to collect information, in aggregate and anonymous form, regarding the number of users and how they visit the website, in order to improve user experience and understand which parts or elements were visited the most.

To this end, a third-party cookie is used, i.e. Google Analytics. This type of cookie does not belong to us. Therefore, for more information, please read the relevant Google page at the following address:   


This website does not use profiling cookies

These are persistent cookies used to identify (in an anonymous form and not) the users preferences to develop specific consumer profiles and customise commercial offers, complete market researches or remote sales.


Third-party cookies and social media cookies

This website uses cookies of social networks (namely, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn), managed by third-party organizations, for which we cannot be held responsible.

These cookies are used, for example, to share content.

The management of the information collected by third parties and the type of personal data processing strategies are governed by the relevant privacy policy.

For further information on how the relevant third party uses cookies, please go to the URLs listed below.












Cookie management

At any time, the user can decide whether to accept cookies or not by changing the browser’s settings.

Each browser has specific configuration instructions. Further information regarding the procedures to disable cookies can be found on the browser provider's page.

Google Chrome: 

Mozilla Firefox:

Internet Explorer:

Apple Safari:

To disable only Google Analytics cookies, you may use the additional component made available by Google at the following link

Disabling cookies will not affect the navigation, though some services may not be used.


Data processor

Data processor is Filippo Romeo with legal office at Via Ripamonti, 222 – 20141 Milan, Italy - Tel. +39 0255218152 fax +390255218152 - Email:


Changes to the cookie policy

The data processor reserves the right to make amendments to this cookie policy. The user and/or visitor of the website agrees to any present and future revisions and undertakes to review this page on a regular basis to be properly informed about how and why we use cookies.